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In this dynamic string ensemble, a few enthusiastic professionals share their experience with passionate amateurs. From

Ghent and the surrounding area, they find their way every week to the Old Abbey of Drongen, which forms the inspiring

setting for the rehearsals. ​
The orchestra saw the light of day in 2006 and since then has played dozens of concerts all over Flanders, in which it likes to surprise the audience with original but too little known pieces, in addition to well-known 'string classics'.

They premiered 'Fuga y misterio' for Europe in an arrangemenfor string orchestra by Astor Piazzolla.
Cordae Lysis has grown into a respected semi-professional chamber orchestra that is requested by and has collaborated with several top Flemish soloists and choirs. In 2013 they were invited to give a solo concert under the Ghent City Hall on the occasion of the Festival of Flanders Gent Odegand. For her tenth birthday, Cordae Lysis performed live dance at the Handelsbeurs in Ghent in 2016. The audiance is always wildly enthusiastic about the energetic and lively performances. ​

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