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After graduating from art school, Ann obtained the Laureate diplomas in violin, chamber music and music history at the Lemmens Institute in Leuven.
She was a permanent member of the Flanders Symphony Orchestra, Chapelle de Lorraine, salon orchestra Panache and performed as a freelance violinist in very diverse line-ups: from duo violin-piano, violin-organ, to string quartet, chamber orchestra, theater performances, proms concerts, opera. ​
In 2006, Ann founded the Drongens Chamber Orchestra “Cordae Lysis”, which has since grown into a respected semi-professional chamber orchestra in Flanders. ​
In June 2013 she graduated from the Lemmens Institute in Leuven with a Master's degree in Music with great distinction. ​
Her experience with very diverse conductors inspired her to increasingly take up the baton herself. She followed master classes in conducting at the Lemmens Institute in Leuven with Ivan Meylemans; private courses with Edmond Saveniers and Dirk Vermeulen. ​ In 2017, Ann was invited as chief conductor of the new symphonic orchestra Musamis, a highly passionate group of amateur and professional musicians in Kortrijk. ​ At the beginning of 2018, she founded the professional string orchestra Spumanti, where she gathered a number of Flemish top musicians to bring known and lesser-known gems for string players to the widest possible audience under her leadership. She is regularly invited as a conductor for productions with orchestra, choir and soloists.
Playing the violin and conducting: these remain two great, mutually fertilizing passions of Ann, in which she always aims to share her joy as a musician with the audience.

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